Peace Palace

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Peace Palace

The Peace Palace, completed in 1913 in Neo-Renaissance style, is the seat of the International Court of Justice and an important library of Human Rights.

Peace Palace

The Latin saying "Dulce bellum inexpertis" means "Sweet is war to the inexperienced" meaning only to those who do not participate. It's taken from the 16th-century humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam who wrote the following work:

Peace Palace

"Querela Pacis" (The Lament of Peace) is a pacifist writing which uses Christian ideals to renounce the ancient idea of just war (taken from Cicero) and pleads for peace to avoid sin.

Peace Palace

Several languages incorporate the ideal of peace here: French, Dutch (peace by rule of law) and again Latin, while silver and golden objects stand in the front.

Peace Palace

This is the coat of arms of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy: "Indivisibiliter ac inseparabiliter" means "Indivisible and inseparable" ... however, after WW1, the monarchy fell apart.

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