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Parties and Pictures

Published by Jan Migenda — 2 years ago

Blog: Den Haag
Tags: Erasmus blog The Hague, The Hague, Netherlands

Parties and Pictures

One evening in Den Haag showed us the nice historical part of the inner city which was illuminated by many lights, and people were gathered outside enjoying the warm night.

Parties and Pictures

In an arts museum, we saw lifelike paintings from the periods of naturalism/realism depicting rural life from the 19th century.

Parties and Pictures

This painting, on the other hand, showed city life in the beginning Industrial Era (do you note the railway tracks on the right)?

Parties and Pictures

Finally, the Panorama Mesdag was a highlight of the city: Painted in 1881, this cyclorama is 120m long (goes around in a circle and you could see it from the middle) and 18m high. It shows a roundabout view of the Northern Sea.

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