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Mauritshuis - Art Museum

Published by Jan Migenda — 2 years ago

Blog: Den Haag
Tags: Erasmus blog The Hague, The Hague, Netherlands

Mauritshuis - Art Museum

The Mauritshuis was built in the 17th century and serves as an art museum today, containing works of Renaissance painters such as Brueghel, Rubens, Hals, Holbein, Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Mauritshuis - Art Museum

This painting shows the idea of paradise before the fall: Adam and Eve (supposedly the first humans) and all the animals lived together in peace.

Mauritshuis - Art Museum

Here is a very realistic still life from the 17th century ... it looks like a photograph!

Mauritshuis - Art Museum

This famous painting by Rembrandt is called "The Anatomy of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp" (1632). It shows a scientific anatomy among doctors as was common in these times.

Part 2 will follow ...

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