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Published by Jan Migenda — 2 years ago

Blog: Den Haag
Tags: Erasmus blog The Hague, The Hague, Netherlands

In Scheveningen, there is a great tourist attraction that measures 18,000 sqm and contains over 300 models of national heritage of the Netherlands: The Madurodam.


In this overview, you can see the 1:25 scale of the park and an indoor football court in the background.


This is a model of the reddish-grey cathedral with gothic and baroque elements.


Here is a model of the famous Peace Palace built in 1913 in Neo-Renaissance style: The seat of the International Court of Justice is here, and it also contains a peace museum (check out my later posts).


Here you can see a railway bridge next to a lake. It is enclosed by a green forest.


This is the model of a medieval water castle showing the colours of the city in the banners: Red and yellow. Such a building had a great defensive position!


A funny attraction was this DJ simulator: You could actually play and mix a few tunes, and the crowd would dance! Then, you could take a photo of yourself dropping the bass ... on we went to explore the city.

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