Erasmus Experience in Tarragona, Spain by Camille

What is student life like in Tarragona?

Very very good. There are plenty of events organized by Erasmus students and others. It is very easy to meet other students and you make friends very quickly. There are also a lot of organized activities (barbecues, volleyball on the beach, trips to other towns so you can see other parts of the country... ).


Would you recommend the city and the university of Tarragona to other students?

Yes, because we are very well looked after by the university. Also, it offers different activities which everyone can enjoy (gym, music groups... ).

What is the food like in the country?

The food is more or less the same as in France. Everything is very well priced. There are of course numerous culinary traditions (paella, tortilla... ).

Did you have any difficulty finding accommodation in Tarragona?

No. You can easily find somewhere to live before arriving here. Or you can also find accommodation after you get here (this is even better because you can visit several apartments and choose the one which you like the most).

There are lots of house shares between students in Spain. It is a friendly atmosphere and it allows you to meet other people.

What is the cost of living in Tarragona?

Life in Tarragona is not very expensive... the prices are generally the same as in France. Whether it be food, clothes, sightseeing... on the contrary alcohol in bars is much cheaper...

What is learning the language like? Did you go to any language classes organized by the university?

No, I didn't take any language classes organized by the university. Initially, it was easier to understand what people said to me than to speak Spanish.


But, if you practice the language, if you try hard to talk to people, to communicate with them, you will learn very fast.

Be careful with Tarragona (A Catalan region), some people speak Catalan. If you don't understand them, then ask them to speak to you in Castilian (Spanish). Don't hesitate to ask them to speak more slowly or to repeat themselves if you don't understand. They will gladly do so.

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