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Erasmus Experience in Szeged, Hungary by Ketevan

Published by Ketevan Koiava — 3 days ago

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Why did you choose to go to Szeged, Hungary?

Initially the University of Szeged was recommended to me by my home university. Then I started looking for a lot of information about it. I read a lot of positive reviews and decided to choose.

How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs?

My studies lasted for half a semester. And I was getting 800 euros every month. That amount was quite enough to live on.

What is the student lifestyle like in Szeged?

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we were not able to get a good look at student life. We had a bit of a bad period.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Szeged to other students?

Szedgi is a very quiet and beautiful city. There are many beautiful views and buildings that will surely attract everyone's attention. As for the university, I would like to mention with great responsibility that a professional and very attentive team works here. They always cared about us and did not neglect us. I also want to talk about lecturers who are truly professional. You will be very lucky if you choose the direction of marketing, because you will meet a lot of good lecturers.

What is the food like?

Due to the pandemic, unfortunately, we could not taste the local cuisine. However, I would like to point out that the products that were sold in the city were very tasty.

Did it cost you to find your accommodation in Szeged?

My friends and I rented the apartment we wanted in the city through the internet, at an affordable price.

How much does it cost to live in Szeged?

Life on the surface is very normal. Roughly speaking, you need up to 500-700 euros per month to rent an apartment, pay for meals, buy food and buy shopping items. It is certainly individual.

Is the language easy to get to grips with? Are there language courses available at the University?

For me personally, the language is a bit complicated. However, of course, the university has courses where you can get basic knowledge.

Where would you recommend to go on a night out in Szeged?

Unfortunately, I have no answer to this question because of the pandemic.

And for eating? Can you recommend some good restaurants in Szeged?

Unfortunately, I still have no answer to this question because of the pandemic.

Is there any other advice that you could give to students going to Szeged in the future?

Be sure to have a rain bag in your bag. You never know when it will be raining in sunny weather. My friend and I have been victims of rain many times. This is certainly a joke. I recommend you definitely go and see this beautiful city. Meet excellent lecturers with this. good luck.

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