Erasmus Experience in Stuttgart, Germany by Francesca

Why did you decide to go to Stuttgart, Germany?

I chose Stuttgart because it is the city in Germany which I have always been most fascinated by, as it is a city rich in history and drenched in culture, which is decisively different to cities in the North.

How long does the Erasmus grant last? How much money did you receive in support?

The loan lasts 6 months, a part of it is payed by my sending university institution. The contributions from the European Union accumulate to a complete total of €1620 (€270 per month).

What is student life like in Stuttgart?

It is informal, you are just one of many students, who are ready to share their evenings with each other and have fun together.

Would you advise the city and the university of Stuttgart to other students?

Yes absolutely! The organisation is absolutely impeccable but it certainly functions better than the Italian system that I am used to.

What is the cuisine like there?

Not bad, but there is however a vast choice of Italian, Ethnic, Chinese, Japanese restaurants, as well as of course fast food venues. In the supermarkets you can generally find international products. Therefore, the possibilities are endless!

Was it difficult to find accommodation in Stuttgart?

No, my host university provided me with all the necessary information (Accommodation form) to find accommodation in one of the student facilities within one of the different university towns.

How much are the living costs in Stuttgart?

In the student housing, the average price of rent is €300. In the supermarket you can often find food offers. There are many bars and clubs, where the entrance fee is free. Shops have reasonable pricing.

How did you find the language? Did you attend any courses at the university?

Not so good. after 3 months there, I succeeded in understanding a little German and I could formulate some phrases (taking into account that I have never studied this language in my life before now). I attended an intensive language course offered by the university for the duration of one month, before we started official lectures and I continued with a semester course that was set out in the same fashion as the intensive course.

What is the cheapest way to arrive in Stuttgart from your city?

I travelled by car, which took two days worth of travelling, with a relatively big nighttime break in Northern Italy. I wouldn't know how much I spent in total, but I know for certain that there are also convenient flights from €35. Unfortunately, there are only 3 or 4 airline companies that offer flights to Stuttgart from Italy.

Where would you advise for going out in Stuttgart in the evening?

TequilaBar. There are 2 of them but the best one you can find just a short distance from the Art museum. Entrance is free, beers with a complementary shot of tequila and lots of good music, that includes form Latin to commercial music, through to rhythmic hip-hop. Mata Hari is a pub, that is the most frequently visited by young people and students. The Paris is a disco with an interior design that astonished me a lot. The entrance fees generally range from 10-15 Euros for almost all clubs or with an option of "free entry" at certain hours.

What can you eat in Stuttgart? What are your local favourites?

I adore the Chinese restaurant "Milan", that you can find in the city centre, on a street parallel to Königstraße, the main artery to the city. I would have like to have tried some other restaurants, that I still haven't visited.

What would you recommend visiting?

There are really a lot of things to see, from museums (Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, the Natural History Museum, the State gallery, the Art Museum, the Museum of Pork, house of LeCorbusier) to panoramic views, parks and seasonal events. I was there during the winter semester and the Christmas markets ere marvellous (it's also one o the biggest Christmas markets in Germany! )

Do you have any advice for future students of Stuttgart?

Take advantage of your experience with joy, in a city that offers so much and you will feel nostalgia when you leave! It's cold there, but it is worth it!

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