Which Master's Degree should I study in Spain?

Have you caught up with the advantages of studying an online master's degree and decided that you want to study an official online master's degree in Spain? You have no idea about how or where to look for the one that best suits your needs? Keep reading to discover the range of official master's degrees offered by our country, you can't even imagine how wide it is!

Official Online Master's Programs

First of all, you should know that you can study for an accredited online master's degree at a public university. In fact, most of the public universities, apart from having face-to-face and semi-face-to-face courses, also offer quality distance courses. As an exception, all universities are currently offering distance learning due to the COVID-19. Public universities are betting hard, it has never been as easier as now to find an accredited online master's program! It may not be the best time for our wallet, but I'm sure you still want to make a place for yourself in the labour market. Universities know that students never give up!

For example, this University of Barcelona has a well-organized section on its website for official online master's degree at the UAB. It offers 12 courses from different branches: there is from Business Law or East Asia Global Studies to Audiovisual translation or Sports Management.

Barcelona is amazing, but what about the south of Spain? Is it more striking to you? Then run to take a look at the catalogue of official online masters organized by cities and universities that has Andalusia. Malaga, Seville, Jaen... Find the official online master's degree of Andalusia that interests you the most!

If you prefer, you can choose between the different universities that offer masters and degrees 100% online and that guarantee unbeatable distance learning. The most outstanding are the UNED (National University of Distance Learning), the UNIR (International University of la Rioja), the UDIMA (Distance Learning University of Madrid) and the VIU (International University of Valencia).

The list of official online master's programs of the UNED for the next courses is very long. The master's programs belong to the Faculty of Philology, Health or Social Sciences and Law, as well as Engineering and Architecture.

On the other hand, on the UNIR website, you can access the 14 branches available and choose your favourite accredited online master of the UNIR. Have you studied Arts? Then you could specialize in Advanced Theater Studies. Or why not, you could also give a chance to the Master's degree in Management and Entrepreneurship of Cultural Projects or the Master's degree in Advanced Studies in Spanish and Latin American literature. However, if you studied Marketing or Economics, you might be interested in the Master's degree in Digital Marketing or the Master's degree in Neuromarketing, they're both a good option!

Whether you choose one of the accredited online master's programs of the UDIME or one of the official online master's programs of the VIU, the truth is that these universities won't disappoint you…

No matter which university you choose, they always have a wide range of courses! For this reason, we will try to summarize the online masters' that may interest you the most. Ready? Let's go!

Online Master's Programs offered: Choose yours!

1. Official Online Master's Degree: Education

Are you been studying Education for years and you feel that it's never enough? Take a look at the different options and let yourself be carried away by your instinct. You can study an official online Master's degree in ICT Education, focusing on information and communication technologies. Or an official online Master's degree in ELE, if you want to teach Spanish as a foreign language.

You can also specialize according to the age of your students. On the one hand, with the online Master's program in Secondary Education. On the other hand, with the official online Master's program in Early Education. An alternative could be the official online Master's degree Montessori, in case you are interested in a more avant-garde teaching modality.

If you opt for the official online Master's degree in Psycho-pedagogy, you can study the didactic and pedagogical methods involved in the learning process. You can also choose between several subjects. For example, Evaluation, Diagnosis and Psycho-pedagogical guidance, measurement, research and Educational Innovation. There are other electives, such as Health Education and Hospital psycho-pedagogy and Psycho-pedagogical counselling to families in situations of psychosocial risk.

Whereas, you can opt for an accredited online Master online in Special Education if you want to know how to attend students with special needs, know all types of NEE (Special Educational Needs) and thus take part according to the need of each student.

2. Official Online Master's Degree: Psychology

Have you studied Psychology? Are you looking for a specialization? Then this section is for you! If you're more into children, then you may be interested in the official online Master's degree in Child Psychology, why not? However, if you dream of working in the health field, then go for the official online Master's degree in General Health Psychology. You'll become the best psychologist by researching, evaluating and intervening psychologically to help improve the general state of health of people. Among the subjects, this Master's program offers training of basic skills of the general health psychologist, preventive programs and health promotion and Neuropsychology. Although, if it turns out that the one that catches your eye is the latter, you better choose the official online Master's degree in Neuropsychology.

3. Official Online Master's Degree: Health Sciences

It may seem hard to find an online master's program in the Health Sciences branch, but it is not!

Did you study Nursing? Are you looking for online masters in Nursing programs? Trust me and take a look at the Master's degree in Emergency Nursing, but also at the Master's degree in Nursing Care: Methodology and Applications and the Master's degree in Nursing Unit Management.

What about defending the value and rights of older people? If this is what you worry you the most, your ideal master is the official online Master's degree in Gerontology. There are other options, such as the Master's Degree in Psychotherapy: Third Generation Therapy.

It's true that the alternatives among the official online master's programs in Medicine are really interesting. For instance, on the UNIR website, you will find more than ten master's degrees that are worth it if you want to stand out. You will find a list below in case you can not wait any longer to enrol:

  • Master's degree in Health Management
  • Master's degree in clinical Patient Safety Management and Health Care Quality
  • Master's degree in Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Master's degree in advances in Pediatric Oncology and Haematology
  • Master's degree in Forensic Psychology

You may not be a doctor and you are still particularly interested in health. You can also improve people's quality of life through their diet and nutrition. In such a case, both the official online Master's degree in Nutrition or official online Master's degree in Dietetics, or even the official online Master's degree in Food and Nutritional Security are perfect for you! And if you think that sport is the answer to all our ills... then the official online Master's degree in Sports Nutrition will fit you like a glove.

We know there are many options, but you have to keep reading because if you have a degree in Economics and want to specialize, your time has come!

4. Official Online Master's Degree: Human Resources

Economics, what an extensive area! Maybe your goal consists of managing human capital, then congratulations! You can reach your goals with the official online Master's degree in HR! Studying subjects such as Strategic People Management, Human Resources Decision Management and Human Capital Labor Cycle Management will help you to make yourself a place in the labour market of HR!

5. Official Online Master's Degree: MBA

What is MBA? It means Master in Business Management and Administration. This specialization is made for you if you want to become the best leader of a company... You'll learn how to lead an organization in a constantly evolving global and technological environment.

6. Official Online Master's Degree: Labour Risk Prevention

With the entry into force of law 31/1995 on occupational risk prevention, it is mandatory for all companies to have a technician in occupational risk prevention. If you aspire to that... This is a perfect opportunity to get your dream job. With the official online HSE Master's degree you can specialize in Industrial Hygiene, Safety at work or Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology.

Also, if you do not want to move away from the company sector and you're good at numbers, you can opt for an accredited online Accounting Master's degree.

7. Other Masters

You haven't finished yet! In case you are interested in languages and travel, you have to take a look at the official online Tourism Master's Degree. This is the perfect time to specialize and lay a wire to one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

You also have the official online Master's degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation or the official online Master's degree in International Trade. Let's change and let's talk about languages. If you are a linguist and prefer to devote yourself to the fantastic world of translation, then it is better to choose the official online Master's degree in Translation.

We need to add something more creative to the list of masters we have so far... Are you an artist? It's up to you! No matter what your sector is, I'm sure you will find what you are looking for! There's a wide range of master's program, you can choose between the official online Master's degree in Graphic Design, theofficial online Master's degree in Music or the official Master's degree in Art History for example.

And why not use your creativity to look for alternatives to generate energy while preserving the environment, which has suffered so much in recent years? If this is your thing, sign up for the official online Master's degree in Renewable Energies!

Don't run out of place and find your master's degree online

There is no doubt that in Spain there is a wide offer in master's programs, that is why in Erasmusu we have created an online master's list, where you will find the best offer of quality Master's Programs. In case you are looking for a degree, don't worry, we have thought of you too! Visit our Best Bachelor Degrees & Programs section and bet on a successful future!

We've talked about how to find a master, but what about finding accommodation? We're here to help you!

Erasmusu offers hundreds of spacious rooms, studio flats, university dorms and entire flats all over the whole world you will be able to find your perfect home, before you even arrive in the city. On Erasmusu you will find hundreds of options so that your life on campus can also be like something from a film.

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