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When I decided to travel to Spain to finish my studies, my parents were very happy as it reflected my effort to continue to achieve goals and improve myself daily. Currently I am based in the city of Ibiza is a charming place, with its beaches.

The places in this country are beautiful among those that I have visited are these here:

The Cabárceno Nature Park: it is not a conventional zoo, it is a space that highlights the beauty of the karst landscape and the variety of species that inhabit it. The facilities are among the best valued by the independent organizations that monitor the living conditions of the animals.

The Orchilla lighthouse: it is a beautiful place since it is built with stone extracted from Arucas, on the island of Gran Canaria, to achieve an architectural style that follows the canons of the moment. To this day, the lighthouse is in disuse.

The place where I am currently living with my aunts is a charming IBIZA better known as the White Island, it is a paradise for any tourist full of endless parties and with the best DJs in the world blessing the island with their talent during the summer months.

I love the University of Spain very much since daily I fill myself with knowledge of the excellent teaching provided by the teachers, they are very prepared, kind and above all humble when teaching the class to their students, after finishing their class they are ready to help us in anything that has not been clear.

While I was going out to enjoy the beaches of Ibiza I have met very simple people when it comes to talking, with a good heart and above all who are in solidarity with the people who need them and I like that a lot, since we also help each other in the area of The education.

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