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Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Marie

Translated by Daniela Baker — 11 months ago

Original text by Marie .

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Why did you choose to go to Sofia, Bulgaria?

I wanted to go to a country in the east for the quality of life, and Bulgaria is located in the middle of many countries, which makes it very well located for travelling.

Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Marie

Sofia, Bulgaria


How long was your stay? How much was the grant you received?

My stay lasted 10 months, and I received 150 euros a month from the Erasmus programme. Other regional grants are available too, and varies from city to city.

Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Marie

Sofia town centre


What is the student life like in Sofia?

A lot of nights out organised for Erasmus students.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Sofia to other students?

The atmosphere here is very good, the universities differ greatly from one another but in all cases the Erasmus students have little work.

Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Marie

The University of Sofia


What is the food like in this country?

You can't find anything in the supermarkets but the restaurants are very cheap and offer almost anything.

Did you have much difficulty finding accommodation in Sofia?

I had some difficulty in finding an agency in time but everything is very fast, and within a week I had found my apartment.

What is the cost of living like in Sofia?

The quality of life is really very low, and prices are very low.

What is the language learning like? Did you take a language course organised by your university?

I am doing a Bulgarian course through the university, the language is a bit hard to understand at first but you can get by despite it.

What is the cheapest way of getting to Sofia from your city?

Flying with a low cost airline is the cheapest way.

Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Marie

Sofia shopping centre


What places would you recommend to go for a night out in Sofia?

ESN organises lots of nights out in the student area, in clubs such as Blackroom, Beach the centre Biblioteka, Terminal 1, Yalta...

Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Marie

Terminal 1, Sofia


What about eating out in Sofia? What are your favourite places?

For eating out in Sofia, the most well known restaurant chain is Raffy, where you can get everything: meat, fish, burgers, sushi, salads, pizza, pasta, diet meals and vegetarian dishes... There is also Happy, regular fast food outlets, and pizza parlours on every street corner.

Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Marie

Pizza in Sofia


What cultural visits do you recommend?

Starting off with the free walking tour is a good way to discover the town, there is also the free food tour and the culture tour which is not free, but better than the free food tour. As for cultural trips, there are all in the area surrounding Sofia.

Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Marie

The 'walking tour' is a good way to discover Sofia


Any advice for students coming to Sofia?

Sofia is a great Erasmus destination, not the most beautiful town but you will get a lot out of being here, don't stress too much and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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