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Erasmus experience in Seville, Spain by Clara

Why did you choose to go to Seville, Spain?

In reality I did not choose to go there, it was the only place that was offered to me along with Dundee, Scotland.

How long does the scholarship last? How much support do you receive?

The scholarship lasted 1 month. Thanks to the grants, I only had to pay € 200.

How was student life in Seville?

I don't know, I did an internship during this trip.

Would you recommend the city and the university of Seville to other students?

Of course I would recommend the city. It is beautiful, warm and welcoming!

How is food in this country?

Very oily haha ​- despite that it was very good.

Did you have any difficulty finding accommodation in Seville?

No, my high school took care of everything.

What is the cost of living in Seville?

The cost of living is a little lower than in France but it is not shocking. Personally, I have not seen the difference that much.

Is it easy to understand the language? Have you been to language courses organised by the university?

The language is not easy at all to understand at first and it requires time to adapt because in Andalusia, the locals speak very quickly, cut words and have a particular accent.

What is the most economical way to travel from your city to Seville?

Early flight by plane

And to eat in Seville? What are your favorite places?

To eat in Seville I highly recommend the typical bars and restaurants and not the fast food places that can be found everywhere.

What places of cultural interest should you see?

There are many, Plaza de Torro, Giralda, Plaza Espana, los jardines de Alcazar, Torre de Oro, Flamenco in Triana, etc.

Any advice for future students leaving for Seville soon?

To make the most of it, meet beautiful people and explore every corner of this magnificent city!

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