Erasmus Experience in Santander, Spain by Juliette

Why did you choose to go to Santander, Spain?

I chose Spain because I was drawn to its diversity, customs and way of life. I also spent 5 months in Canada last year and wanted to go somewhere closer to home. And the final reason is that I wanted to improve my Spanish.

How long was your stay? How much did you receive in grants?

I've been in Santander for 10 months, and receive two grants: the Erasmus grant and regional grant, which are around €2000 in total.

What is the student environment like in Santander?

Great! The Spaniards take time to enjoy life, there's always something to do!

Erasmus Experience in Santander, Spain by Juliette


Would you recommend the city and university to other students?

I would recommend the city for sports, parties etc. However, I haven't enjoyed the way lessons are taught and found them boring and poorly organised.

How is the food in the country?

Very rich - it's really different from French food, particularly in terms of mealtimes but also the dishes themselves. They're richer and fattier. But it's easy to find French food.

Did you have any difficulty finding accomodation in Santader?

No - I was added to a Facebook group for Erasmus and Spanish students and got contacted by group members.

What are living costs like in Santander?

It's much cheaper than France, especially for student nights for example. We went on a trip to Salamanca and 10 beers from a bar cost us €5.

Erasmus Experience in Santander, Spain by Juliette


How has it been learning the language? Do you have classes organised by the university?

I signed up for language classes at the university which run twice a week in groups of 8. They're quite expensive but they're really helpful and I got to meet other people. I also live with two Spaniards from Madrid and Santander, so we speak Spanish and English at home.

What is the cheapest way to get to Santander from your town?

By bus, but it takes an extremely long time. I live in Aix-les-Bains, so I think it would take around 16 hours.

Which areas in Santander would you recommend for partying?

Tiki Beach Bar (a bar owned by a Frenchman), Loft Art, Coppola, Kudeta, Dorian, Lapsus etc.

And how about food in Santander? Which places are your favourite?

Montadillo, Gallofa and all the small bars with tapas of course.

Which cultural visits would you recommend?

Magdalena, the city centre, walking along the beach, going to the lighthouse - there's plenty to see!

What advice would you give to future students in Santander?

Don't hesitate to choose Santander, it's a small city but very pleasant to live in. You can surf at Somo Beach and it feels amazing! Spain is a great country - you can easily get around by plane as there are Ryanair flights from Santander and several cheap destinations (Marrakech, Tenerife, Barcelona, Valencia etc.).

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