Erasmus in Santander | Erasmus experience Santander
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Erasmus in Santander

I studied abroad in Santander for 6 months and I have to say that I fell in love with this place! It's a very nice city with a lot of things to see, a lot of things to do. I love the architecture, the beaches and the nature around. Everyone is so friendly and nice

I went to University of Cantabria which is really close from the center and also to the beach. In the afternoons I went to surf. Everything is really close, that I didn't have to use the public transport. 

I also have to reccommend the local food. You can try everything from mariscos (seafood) to paella, tapas and typical spanish food. The weather was perfect. In the winter there was like 15 degrees, during the summer it was 30. 

If you like nature, beaches, mountains and nice people and not so big cities with a lot of people, go to Santander, it worths it! ♥

P.S.: The best parties I've ever went to!

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  • Eva Partheymüller 2 years ago

    Hey, I am also going to the university of Cantabria. How did you find a room?

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