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My Erasmus experience in Salamanca, Spain by Daniel

How did you find living in Salamanca? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

It's great! The city is beautiful (it's a UNESCO world heritage site). It's small and easy to get around - you can go everywhere on foot. The uni buildings are either quite new or have been renovated. The local's level of English isn't that high and as far as I am aware, most classes are taught in Spanish (there are lots of Spanish courses).

It's 1. 5 hours on the train from Madrid, there are also direct bus links from the airport and there are ski resorts just an hour away. It also only takes an hour to get to Portugal.

The weather is good, if a bit extreme (around 35c in summer and 5c in winter) and there's also a drastic difference in temperature during the day and night. The air is also rather dry.

What is student life like in Salamanca?

I would say it's the best student city in Spain!

Even though there isn't a huge choice of discos and bars, I think there is enough for the 150, 000 people who live there. Alcohol is really cheap compared to the rest of Spain and Europe.

What is the cost of living like in Salamanca?

You can find a room in a shared flat for around 200€ if you're not looking for something in the city centre. You don't need a transport pass because you can walk everywhere and going out at night is cheap. However, the uni canteen is a bit expensive and there isn't a great choice of sports on offer at uni, so if you want to get a private gym membership then that can make things a bit more expensive (around 35€/month).

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

Perfect for meat eaters!

Salamanca produces the best ham ("Jamón Ibérico de Guijuelo"). And of course there is the delicious Empanada "Hornazo" (but it's sometimes a bit heavy).

Tapas and snacks are generally very tasty and meat-based.

People with a sweet tooth should try "churros con chocolate" - especially for breakfast after you've been out partying the night before!

Fruit and veg are also cheap.

Where should you absolutely see in Salamanca?

Plaza Mayor, the cathedral(s), La Clerecía, Casa de las Conchas and Casa Lis - especially from outside - and the Puente Romano.

What are restaurants like in Salamanca? Could you tell us your favouriteS?

Café Mandala, Restaurante El Bardo and Restaurante Quijote all have nice lunch menus.

What about the nightlife? Where is best?


You should start in Puerto de Chus, Holly's, Molly's Cross, Café Moderno or Irish Cavern and then head to Submarino, Pakipallá, Daniels or Bendr and Barvel for cheap shots (20 for 10€), and then head to Bisú or Kandhavia around 4.

And of course, THE event: the "Nochevieja Universitaria" (the student new year celebrations on the second Thursday in December. Google the event and you'll be amazed by the pictures!

What advice would you give to future students in Salamanca?

If you can speak some Spanish, like partying and would like to live in an amazing city that you can walk around and that has good weather, then Salamanca is the place for you!

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