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What about my experience in Salamanca? It was unique and unrepeatable! I've been studying there for 3 years... The city was incredible, and I think that those were the 3 best years of my life. It's been already 2 years since I finished my degree, and I still go back there when I have time. With respect to the aspects that I'm supossed to evaluate, let’s talk about parties... These are real parties :) You can go out everyday of the week and it's cheap. There are also parties organized by the faculties, which begin in the morning and finish whenever you want to! Salamanca is a universitary city. There are many students living here, so there are a lot of drinking parties organized in the students' houses. Moreover, the weather... well, I come from the Canary islands, so I can't be really objective here. From my point of view, this climate is a little bit extreme. The winter here is very cold and the summer very hot, but the rest compensates it. This is a very beautiful city. There are many things that you can visit and enjoy, such as a quite walk from the main square to the cathedral (in the “Casa de las Conchas” there is a tourist office, because there is always a date in which the entrance to the places you want to visit is free.)

The zone where the parties take places is easy to find. It depends on what you like, but there are many bars in the “Calle Varillas”, in the “Gran Vía”, and near the “Plaza Mayor”.

Renting a house is usually cheap in Salamanca. However, it depends on your taste and on the campus. Near the bus station the houses are cheap, but older, and near the “Calle Van Dyck (calle de los pinchos)” there are also cheap, but newer houses.

To sum up... If you have the opportunity, go to study in Salamanca! Don't hesitate! Pack and enjoy since the first day!!!

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