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Experience in Salamanca, Spain by Patricia

What's it like to live in Salamanca?

I think Salamanca is a very good city to live in as a student. There is a very good university and a large student population, which therefore makes for a great atmosphere both during the day and at night. As it's a relatively small city, you can walk anywhere without needing to drive. Conversely, it's not too small either, which means that there are endless activities to get involved in, and, for those who like to ski, Salamanca is in close proximity to Covatilla ski resort.


How's the student life in Salamanca?

The student atmosphere is extraordinary, as people come from all parts of Spain to study in Salamanca. The atmosphere at parties during the evening is great - you'll have a great time regardless of which night that you choose to go out on.

How much does it cost to live in Salamanca?

Salamanca isn't a very expensive city. Due to it not being a particularly large city, you won't find yourself having to waste money on public transport or taxis.


How's the country's food? What are your favourite dishes?

The food is great: Spanish food is my favourite cuisine.

What locations would you recommend to visit in Salamanca?

I would recommend visiting: the 'Casas de las Conchas'; both the old and new cathedral; Casa Lis; head to the top of the cathedral to Jeronimous... There is a lot of culture in Salamanca.

What places would you recommend for going out to party in Salamanca?

Well, Salamanca is divided into zones - which really are more important in the summer - and there are roads that are full of bars.


Any advice for future Salamanca students?

I would strongly encourage everyone to come to Salamanca - if student life is already great, it'll be even greater in Salamanca.

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