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Erasmus Experience in Salamanca, Spain by Nathalie

Why did you choose to go to Salamanca, Spain?

For the small city and the university's good reputation!

Erasmus Experience in Salamanca, Spain by Nathalie


How long does the grant last? How much money do you receive as aid?

Two months before I received the grant and I received 285 euros a month.

How is student life in Salamanca?

Very, very good! There are many Erasmus students and exchange students!

Would you recommend the city and the University of Salamanca to other students?


How is the country's food?

Very delicious! A lot of tapas and typical things (the 'hornazo' for example).

Was it hard to find accommodation in Salamanca?

I went a few days before starting uni and it took me 2 days to find a very central flat, at a good price!

How much does it cost to live in Salamanca?

Living in Salamanca is very cheap! A weekly shop in Carrefour is more or less 25 euros. To go out to party, a shot costs a euro, it costs one or two euros for a beer and there are also many parties with free drinks for Erasmus students (Irish Theatre, every Tuesday) and to print, it costs 3 cents per page, etc.

How is the language? Did you go to any courses at the University?

No, but there are many courses to learn Spanish!

What is the most affordable way of getting to Salamanca from your city?

By plane and Avanzabus (it goes directly from Barajas and is cheaper than the train).

Which places would you recommend to go out and party in Salamanca?

Irish theatre, Chupiteria, Kandhavia, Puerto de Chus, Bizu, Barvel Paniagua, etc.

And to eat in Salamanca? Can you name your favourite places?

Rua Mayor, Rufos (in the Van Dyck area), Blue Tomato, etc.

And as a cultural visit?

It's a small city, but it's worth visiting! It's very pretty!

Any advice that you want to give to future students in Salamanca?

Enjoy it because time goes by quickly! They will end up being the best months of your life! Disfruta.

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