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Erasmus Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

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    Experience in Radboud University, Netherlands by Marie

    Generally, what is Radboud University like? Awesome university with a lot of bikes (the netherlands), facilities, courses and lecturers very nice. As in all university a lot of work to provide for some disciplines. Great activities proposed… Just a lot of books to...

    0 by Marie in Erasmus experiences RU , one year ago
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    Master Program Medical Biology at Radboud

    First of all, Nijmegen is a very nice city to live in: it's not too crowded, but the student community makes it a vibrant city. This also makes it easy to build up a social life, especially since students from all over the world live here. I think the facilities for...

    0 by ASUS in Erasmus experiences RU , 3 years ago
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    Experience at Radboud University

    Generally, what is Radboud University like? Really nice campus but some of the buildings are a bit far from each other so it can be annoying to get to/from each one in the Winter when it's raining and cold. However, after a couple of weeks, it's a bit easier to get...

    0 by Leanne in Erasmus experiences RU , 4 years ago
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    Awesome Semester in Nijmegen

    I don't know how I should express my feelings about Nijmegen... The semester that I luckily spent in Nijmegen was absolutely amazing. The city is a friendly city for students who live there. I could stay there 6 months and every day was another adventure! Also, I've...

    0 by Bensu in Erasmus experiences RU , 5 years ago
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    Experience in Radboud University, Netherlands by Martyna

    Generally, what is Radboud University like? Friendly, nice, you feel really good going there. What are the facilities like? Very good. What are the tutors like? Pro-student, friendly. They organize a lot of activities to know their students better - like going bowling...

    1 by Martyna in Erasmus experiences RU , 6 years ago

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