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Cafe-bar 21

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Cozy place in Arctic Circle

Published by flag- Eleonora Ilyasova

Rovaniemi is a city situated in the Arctic Circle also it's known as a Hometown of Santa Claus. But today I want to step back away from snow, cold, Arctic, even all of these make Rovaniemi a special city! 

The place I want to speak about is cafe-bar 21, which is situated in the city center. It is my favorite place for meeting with friends and chill-out. I like it because it has an atmosphere of very comfortable and cozy place. When you enter inside you feel it: there are soft sofas and chairs, where you can relax. Also there are a book shelf where you can take a book and read it during waiting for you friends. 

But the main purpose why I like this cafe is waffles! Yes, yes not Belgium waffles but Finnish one, being more specific Rovaniemi waffles! They can offer you two types of waffles: sweet one ( with ice-cream and fruits. And there are variety of choices: starting from strawberry and finishing with blueberry), and salty one with salmon. I have tried both, salty and sweet. And I can't say which of them is my favorite, because they are so yummy!!   Now when somebody mentiones waffles I am thinking about Rovaniemi and not Belguim! Once you will come there you will be thinking of returning again and again! 

Come and taste Arctic waffles!

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