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Experience in Rotterdam, the Netherlands by Rick

How is it to live in Rotterdam? would your recommend it? How is the city?

Yes I would definitely recommend it. Rotterdam is placed in the top 10 cities in Europe in terms of architecture, entertainment en must-see attractions. Definitely worth it. Everything is refurbished. Market halls, de Meent, Koopgoot.


How is the student life in Rotterdam?

Fine, you have the Erasmus and the Academic hospital. There is a lot to do for students.

How much does it cost to live in Rotterdam?

That depends. Renting for students start from 400 Euros and you receive housing benefit

Is it difficult to find an accommodation in Rotterdam? Are there any other things you would like to share?

At the moment it is difficult. Rotterdam is hot.

How is the food? What was your favourite meal?


What are the places you would recommend to visit in Rotterdam?

Delfshaven, oude haven, de Meent, Lijnbaan, Koopgoot, Beursplein

How are the restaurants in Rotterdam? Can you share your favourite spots?

Happy Italy. Restaurants got much better than they were in the past.

How is the night life in Rotterdam? What is something you really should have seen?

Yes. I don't know. I am too old for that.

What kind of advice do you want to give to future students who are coming to Rotterdam?

Look for something in ''Zuid''. Cheaper. Go go for a drink to oude haven and the rest will come naturally at the Erasmus.

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