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Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin)

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Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin)

Translated by elena angeli — 2 years ago

Original text by I love travelling !

Hi everyone!

I want to share with you all about the amazing place I've visited during my wonderful Icelandic trip with my son Pietro. More precisely is about "Secret Lagoon" (Gamla Laugin), the island oldest spa, placed in the smallest Icelandic village of the "Golden circle".

Entrance ticket is 2800 ISK for adults (over 14), 1400 ISK for elders (over 65) and disabled people, kids under 14 entrance is free, but they must be accompanied by adults all the time. If you don't have a bathing suit or neither a bath robe you can easily rent them for 500 ISK each.

Before bathing you have to shower naked. I suggest you not to shower your hair unless you want to get a brain-freeze when you'll be floating in the waters if the Secret Lagoon.

Regarding opening hours, Secret Lagoon is open from October 30th, from 11 a. m. till 8 p. m., till May 30th, from 10 a. m. till 10 p. m. On Christmas and on the 31st of December is open too with slightly reduced opening hours: from 10 a. m. till 6 p. m.

Booking your ticket in advance is not required, but is strongly encouraged due to high season tourists masses crowding the only pool there is! Still, it is beautiful!

I've personally visited the “Secret Lagoon” twice. The second time we where 13 people, so we had to book via e-mail following the group policy regarding groups of more than 10 people. They answer immediately and positively. I didn't even have to pay in advance with my credit card as I should have done if I had booked for ten or less people. Once we arrived, all I had to do was to say my full name and they found my booking immediately. I paid and we were good to go...actually without even checking who the thirteen people were. Icelanders are like this: they trust a lot other people, almost unconditionally I dare say. I have been noticing this in several occasions.

Moreover once we arrived one of the eldest ladies for whom I had booked, told me she wasn't feeling really comfortable bathing ad I asked if they could repay her sure to hear back a negative answer. Instead... the young lady who had accepted the booking and payment, gave me immediately the ticket money back, in cash. Who would ever do such a thing like this?! In Italy the answer would have been definitely negative, anywhere, especially because I had paid by credit card and I should have been repaid in cash. Vote to the staff: 10 and praise!

Attached you can find some photos of the “Secret Lagoon”:

I just have to wish you a good stay at the Secret Lagoon!







I had a chance to visit the Secret Lagoon twice, in two different seasons of the year... and from my experience I can tell that it is much more appealing in the winter, after all Island in general seems more attractive in the winter... much more appealing!

There's not much for me to say, but to wish you a pleasant stay at the Secret Lagoon!

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