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My Erasmus Experience in Pisa, Italy. By María.

Translated by Kate Norman — 2 months ago

Original text by María Camerino

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Why did you choose to go to Pisa, Italy?

I wanted to go to an Italian city that wasn't very big so that I could get to know the atmosphere and customs of the city better. The size of Pisa helps you to get to know the way of life in Pisa better and much quicker, which would be more difficult in a bigger city.

My Erasmus Experience in Pisa, Italy. By María.


How long did the scholarship last? How much money did you receive as help?

In total I have received about €3, 200.

How is the student lifestyle in Pisa?

The student atmosphere is really prevalent because many people from the south of Italy go to Pisa to study because it is basically a student city. The population increases a lot compared to during the summer, so you have the advantage of meeting many people from different parts of Italy.

My Erasmus Experience in Pisa, Italy. By María.


Would you recommend the city and the University of Pisa to other students?

Yes, because during my Erasmus year I have been able to visit many colleagues who were in other cities and I have always taken advantage of Pisa; the people, the location, and the university.

How is the food of the country?

If you like pizza and pasta, you will love it, but otherwise you may have a problem. I like it a lot so I've enjoyed it, but it's true that you miss Spanish food.

My Erasmus Experience in Pisa, Italy. By María.


Did you have trouble finding accommodation in Pisa?

No, because being basically a student city there are many flats to rent, exclusively during the school year but you should not stay with the first one you see because most are usually old flats, but obviously there are some better and more reformed than others.

How much does it cost to live in Pisa?

The biggest difference are the flats, they're more expensive than in Andalucia (which is where I know the price of renting flats). For the rest, if you are used to buying things then you won't see a big difference. Although, you should know, there are different supermarkets and there are some cheaper than others.

My Erasmus Experience in Pisa, Italy. By María.


What about the language? Did you go to any course at the University?

The University of Pisa offers you a course on arrival and then you can do the rest up to the level you reach. For Spaniards, it is not very difficult because it is easy to understand and if you interact with Italians you learn very quickly.

Which places would you recommend to party in Pisa?

Akuaketa, Vettovaglie and go to Florence which is very close.

What about eating in Pisa? Can you tell us your favorite places?

Ghiotteria and Scuderia.

My Erasmus Experience in Pisa, Italy. By María.


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