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Erasmus Experience in Piacenza, Italy by Isabelle

Why did you choose to go to Piacenza, Italy?

I chose Italy for the culture, the possibility to learn a new language, and the weather. I chose Piacenza for it's proximity to Milan.

How long is your stay? How much financial help do you receive?

My stay was for a little longer than 3 months. I did not receive financial aid.

What is the student lifestyle like in Piacenza?

Piacenza has a calm student lifestyle, there are students but it remains a small city that we got to know quickly.

Erasmus Experience in Piacenza, Italy by Isabelle


Would you recommend the city and the university of Piacenza to other students?

I would recommend Piacenza to those who are comfortable living in a small peaceful city. For those that want to party all the time, another city would clearly be more suitable.

What is the food like in this country?

The food in Italy is excellent, and not only it's pizza and pasta, but also it's charcuterie, risotto, and different regional specialities.

Did you have any difficulty finding accommodation in Piacenza?

I stayed in university residences as I didn't find an apartment quickly (it's difficult to find accommodation for 3 months unless you don't mention your departure date or look through advertisements on Facebook groups).

What is the cost of living in Piacenza?

The cost of living is slightly lower than my home country (France).

  • A meal costs 10€ minimum
  • A slice of pizza is 2€
  • A bus ticket in Piacenza costs 1€20
  • A single ticket from Piacenza to Milan is 6€70 minimum

How did you find learning the language? Did you attend language lessons organised by the university?

Italian is easy to learn when you are French. There are lots of similarities as well if you have learned Spanish previously. I took classes at the university.

Erasmus Experience in Piacenza, Italy by Isabelle


What is the most economical way to get to Piacenza from your city?

I came by plane from Paris, then a shuttle bus from Milan Linate airport to Milano Centrale train station, and then the train (45 mins) to Piacenza.

What places would you recommend to go on a night out in Piacenza?


  • Grida
  • Luppoleria
  • Irish pub
  • Temple bar
  • Baciccia
  • Aris

Night clubs:

  • Boeri

And places to eat in Piacenza? What are your favorite places?


  • Tosello
  • Pizza del sole
  • Aglio Olio & Peperoncino


  • Kisoro

And what cultural sites would you recommend?


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