Experience in Pamplona, Spain according to Marta

What do you think about living in Pamplona? Do you recommend it? How is it?

It is a small city, you can go everywhere by bike and it is beautiful. Quality of life there is high.


Pamplona has a high quality of life


How is the student atmosphere there?

Pamplona is a town where practically everything has to do with university. There are two universities: one that is public and one that is private. Both of them are characterised by having a good student atmosphere.

The public university

The private university


How is the cost of living in Pamplona?

In truth, it is expensive.

Did it take you long time to find accommodation in Pamplona? Can you give any advice?

It is easy to find accommodation. In the streets close to both universities there are plenty of student flats and apartments, and it is not difficult to find a flatmate.

What places do you recommend to visit in Pamplona?

The city wall, the Citadel, the Old Town, the Unav Campus.

The city wall


The old town


What places do you recommend to go out partying in Pamplona?

Old town, Canalla, Ozone or Entre, depending on what kind of atmosphere you prefer.

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