Erasmus experience in Pamplona, Spain by Mark

Why have you chosen to go to Pamplona, Spain?

Pamplona is a real student city. There are two universities and there is a lot of stuff to do. The location is perfect as a basis for travels to other cities in Spain. Because of these reasons I've chosen Pamplona.


How high is the scholarship and for how long can you get one?

The Erasmus scholarship is €210 a month and you have the right to receive the scholarship for a full semester. (which is two blocks at the Hogeschool Rotterdam).

How is the studentlife in Pamplona?

Student life is great! There are plenty of activities related to sport (soccer, American football, tennis ect. ), organized trips (to Barcelona for example) and the nightlife is a lot of fun with pub crawls and parties especially for students. An example of one of these student parties is Friday evening at Kla-B, where you can drink unlimited beer for only €3. 00.

Would you recommend the city and university of Pamplona to other students?

Definitely! The city has everything for students, the neighbourhood Itturama is a perfect example of this. This is the student neighbourhood with cheap eats, great parties and close to the university.

It's a real Spanish city where the Spanish culture prevails. This is noticeable in the food, but also the people who get out in the evening way more. Furthermore, people are very interested in students from different countries.

Finally, it is possible to travel to a great number of beautiful destinations around Pamplona. You can hike, ski (2 hours from Pamplona) but you can also be at the beach of San Sebastian in an hour. There is plenty to do!

How is the food?

The food is very good. Typical Spanish but also international chains can be found. Thursday is the greatest example of Spanish dining. This is the student night but also a night where young and old go out to eat tapas. Tapas are small bites, mostly meat and fish. They taste very good and are local. For the wine lovers, Pamplona is a great place to be, the wine is often cheaper than a Cola (€1. 50) and tastes very good.

How long did it take for you to find a place to stay in Pamplona?

I got a place to stay within two weeks. However, you should start on time!

How much does it cost to rent in Pamplona?

To rent a room in a shared house is between €250-€350. This is in the student neighbourhood Iturrama.

If you want to live closer to the city centre the prices are higher and you'll also live further away from the university.

How was the language? Have you studied the language before you went? Are there courses available at the university?

I studied the language a bit before I went, so I knew the basics. At the university the main language is English, but in the city, people speak poorly to no English which forces you to speak Spanish.

There are language courses, also for EC's. I did two intensive language courses. This meant a two-hour class from Monday till Thursday. These courses helped me a lot, I'm now at a B1 level.

What is the cheapest way to get to Pamplona from your hometown in the Netherland?

By plane. You can either fly to Pamplona directly or to Bilbao en take a 1. 5-hour bus drive.

Can you tell me something about the nightlife? How where the clubs in Pamplona?

Nightlife is Spanish oriented, so 90% is Spanish music. But people dance a lot more than in the Netherlands. Besides, people start going out around 02:00 and go on till 07:00.

Beer is mostly consumed during the night, but also a lot of gin and local drinks such as Puerta de Indians or Tinto Verano.

The best clubs are:

Valentino's: A bar for students with international parties every week. Because of these parties, you meet a lot of Erasmus students. This club is especially fun on Wednesday.

Subsuelo: Club in the centre. The club is built underground which makes it look very modern. There are two venues.

Kla-B: A simple bar where only students go. You pay €3. 00 once to get a wristband en can drink unlimited beer from 22:00 till 01:00. This club is cool on Friday. Afterwards, a lot of people go to Subsuelo.

Canalla: the biggest club with also a techno venue. Entry is €12. 00 and mostly locals go here.

What are good places to eat in Pamplona?

Plaza Castillo (city centre)

Pio Doce (student street)

What are the cultural attractions in Pamplona?

In Pamplona everything is about the bullfights, so the bullring (Arena de Toro) is worth a visit. Next to that, there are many beautiful parks to visit and the city centre, Plaza de Castillo, breathes everything Spanish.


Have you got any tips for students who go to Pamplona?

I've experienced the best time ever here. The university is good and life is more relaxed than in the Netherlands. Do you want to meet people from all over the world and do you want to learn the Spanish language? Then go to Pamplona!

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