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  • AEP - ESN Padova

    In Galleria Tito Livio, 7, you can find the ESN office, where you will find an amazing group of students of the Unibersity of Padova who dedicate their free time in organizing parties, events and trips for all Erasmus students :-) They will make your Erasmus experience...

    0 , in What to do Padua, 4 years ago
  • Restaurant Forcellini 172

    On Via Forcellini 172 you will find one of the best restaurant-pizzerias in Padua, that is in terms of prices, but above all for its quality of food and service. On top of this, it shares the status of the best university mensa with Collegio Murialdo, despite it being...

    0 , in Where to eat Padua, 5 years ago
  • Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua

    The Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua is located in the Italian city of Padua (Padova), very close to the Prato della Valle, which is the largest square in the entire country. There are lots of things to see in Padua, but I would say that this church and the Prato...

    0 , in What to see Padua, 5 years ago
  • Padua, Italy

    Padua, Italy Padua is a well-known city thanks to its university which is the second oldest university in Italy, the old frescoes of Giotto, the Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua and the botanical garden. Apart from these places you can visit the Scrovegni...

    0 , in What to see Padua, 6 years ago
  • Fishmarket

    Fishmarket is one of the most popular nightclubs frequented by Paduan students. Located 1. 5km from the centre, coming up towards the old walls of the town, it's easily reachable both for those who travel from the main squares (along Via Beato Pellegrino) and for those...

    0 , in Cafe, cocktail, beer Padua, 7 years ago
  • Lo Sfizio

    Break bar. The perfect place to make a break in Padua, Italy. Full of beautiful and funny people, you can go there to relax, to party, to have a break or to whatch sport games while eating something or just to drink a traditional spritz! Near to the coty center, in this...

    0 , in Cafe, cocktail, beer Padua, 9 years ago
  • San Clemente

    San Clemente... the place where we try to speak italian, portuguese, spanish, french, and even without knowing any of these languages everyone understands you! Such an amazing place with the beauty of the square always present, the rythms, the people walking around,...

    0 , in Cafe, cocktail, beer Padua, 9 years ago

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