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Party at the fish market!

Translated by Mireille Cassandra — 2 years ago

Original text by Davide Ascrizzi

Fishmarket is one of the most popular nightclubs frequented by Paduan students. Located 1. 5km from the centre, coming up towards the old walls of the town, it's easily reachable both for those who travel from the main squares (along Via Beato Pellegrino) and for those who come from the outskirts: following the ring of Padova, at the intersection with Via Montà.

The club isn't particularly big, really, but luckily, there's a large courtyard outside, where you can smoke and get a breath of fresh air. Entry starts with two large red curtains, which after entering, leads to a little cloakroom on the left, and a football table on the right. Then there's a couple of sofas, the bar, the dance floor, and a modestly-sized stage at the bottom, on the right.

Entry costs 10 euros, but it's better to pay an entry fee for membership (Libertas). Valid for: 1 year!

Days of opening: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and occasionally, Thursdays.

Opening hours: From 10pm until 4am.

The craziest nights are, without a doubt, the first of the week - Wednesday is the big night for all the universities. It's usually the themed parties and associated events.

Photos are uploaded onto their Facebook page, and those with the most "likes" will get you 2 litres of a cocktail of your choice! Music tends to be commercial/pop and dance. The genre of music can sometimes be different, depending on the event (90s music, punk, hippie etc. )

Thursdays and Fridays are dedicated to live music to support interaction between up-and-coming artists, and slightly older audience, but even locally-known, and at times, nationally known guests don't miss it. Saturdays, on the other hand, are dedicated to "Pure Groove"!

Note to all: Those who have an ESN card (ERASMUS students, take advantage! ) get a 50% discount on their drinks!

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