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Erasmus Experience in Nice, France by Stefan

Published by Stefan Dragan — one year ago

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Why did you choose to go to Nice, France?

Well, it was one of my options, and I chose it because of the good weather and beautiful sea. Also, I was excited by nightlife experience from previous students in exchange here, but I got really disappointed!


How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs?

Well, I received 500 euro as a scholarship each month, but that's not enough to cover even 50% of costs for living here. Nice is so expensive!

What is the student lifestyle like in Nice?

Well, it is nice, for those who want chill by the beach, and enjoy nice weather, but nothing more than that. There are some parties, but that's nothing compared to what you can find in any other cities around Europe. Nice is a very quiet place, something that did not suit me, because I want to hang out and party a lot.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Nice to other students?

I am studying at EDHEC Business School. Yes, this school is great, it was a great learning experience, although sometimes schedule is too tough, some weeks you are spending a whole day at school, from morning to evening. But also sometimes we have a free week, so it's kind of balanced.

What is the food like?

Food is excellent, but expensive.

Did it cost you to find your accommodation in Nice?

No, I found it on this site, and I am satisfied with it.

How much does it cost to live in Nice?

Well, life is quite expensive here. I would say an average of 800-900 euros per month. Only 500 is just for rent.

Is the language easy to get to grips with? Are there language courses available at the University?

Language is difficult, and almost nobody speaks English (except from school level). Yes, there are French courses offered at school.

What's the easiest or most economical way to travel to Nice from your city?

The only way is by bus. The problem is during evenings, because all buses drive just until 9 pm. So at nights, only Uber is an option, but it is quite expensive.

Where would you recommend to go on a night out in Nice?

Movida is best place for predrinks, and High Club, the only real club in Nice.


Is there any other advice that you could give to students going to Nice in the future?

Well, please always check your destination before you go in exchange. Nice is an enormously beatiful place, but there is no entertainment at all. That's what I miss here. As a student coming from Ljubljana, Slovenia, this is nothing compared what Erasmus people are experiencing in Ljubljana. But if you want to enjoy nice weather, and a beatifull sea, Nice is the perfect place for sure.

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