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Not for the Faint Hearted

Published by Martha S — 3 years ago

Everything you need to know about Museum of death New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana, is an incredibly unique city. Its uniqueness can easily compare to the quirky Las Vegas. And one of the places that I will remember forever from my visit to New Orleans, is the so - called Museum of death. Curious? So was I, and that was the reason I decided to check this rather morbid place out. And I was not disappointed at all. Just a bit grossed out, to be honest. But I am so glad I went! Well, just like one of the reviews in their guestbook said - ‘sick, but awesome’.

Where is Museum of death situated?

You can find the Museum of death in New Orleans, more precisely on the 227 Dauphine street. There is another interesting museum just across the street from the Museum of death, called New Orleans Pharmacy museum, which has some pretty interesting exhibits regarding the history of pharmacy. But I liked the Museum of death much better.

The building that hosts Museum of death, is pretty unsuspicious on the outside, but there is a pretty big sign in the window that will tell you you are, in fact, at the right place. And even if you do not enter, you can take a picture in front of that sign. You know, just because.

The Museum of death has a second location in Los Angeles, and I will visit it in June to see which one is better.

Opening times and admission prices

Museum of death in New Orleans is open daily from ten in the morning to seven in the evening. If you are visiting New Orleans in summer, this is a great place to escape the midday Louisiana heat and humidity.

The entrance ticket to hell… err, Museum of death in New Orleans costs fifteen dollars, and even though the museum is fairly small, it is well worth the price. When I was reading some reviews online after my visit, I saw many people saying it was not worth the price. I am not sure what they were expecting - a decaying corpse in the middle of the museum or something similar?

Inside the Museum of death

Once you step through the entrance, you will realize you just arrived into a big gift shop, and the front desk is situated at the back of the gift shop. The first thing that I noticed when I stepped towards the front desk, was a big jar, full of human teeth on it!


I wonder if you can 'donate' your baby teeth to this display.

Once you pay for the entrance, you will get a laminated entrance ticket, which you can keep as a cool souvenir. A staff member will explain the rules to you (such as you are not allowed to touch anything other than the folders that you can read from, and your time inside the museum is unlimited, but once you exit to the gift shop, you are not allowed back in), and you are free to ask anything if you have questions. And then, it is time to enter. The entrance is a plastic curtain, like the ones they use in morgues.

The first thing you will notice in this room, are animal corpses in formaldehide. If you can survive this room without vomiting, the chances are you will enjoy the rest of the museum.

Then, you can see the most famous serial killers, actual police reports and photos from their crime scenes, and, last but not least, their art. I would never have thought that such a terrible human being like Charles Manson had such a talent for drawing.


This was one of the Charles Manson's many victims.

You can also see some funeral tools, and their use is clearly explained. Do not vomit. And there is an actual coffin in that room, maybe so you can lean on it if you are feeling weak in the knees.


Are you sure you want to know what this is?


A coffin... how appropriate.

For me, the most interesting part of the Museum of death were the transcripts from the serial killer convictions, and letters from serial killers. The owner in the museum correspondents with convicted serial killers in prison, and some of the letters are just mind blowing. It is crazy to see what these people actually think and how they are trying to justify their actions. Well worth reading.


In some of the folders, situated throughout the Museum of death, you will find some interesting murder cases. Well, if you ask me, if your mam does not let you out on a date with a random person from the internet, this is not a reason to stab her multiple times. This person apparently thought otherwise.

The last room in the Museum of death is decorated just like a funeral home, and there is a TV that plays video clips of people dying or being murdered - not censored at all! A cheerful music plays on the loudspeakers (Benny Hill style), and I asked a staff member why is the music so loud and why are they playing that specific style of music. The answer somehow surprised me, because I would never think of that myself.

The loud and cheerful music helps you disassociate what you are seeing on the screen, so you are less likely to be traumatized and have nightmares after seeing the videos. Well, I am glad they found out that the technique works - after all, you will be watching recordings of people dying.

On the way back out, I almost missed a couple of real shrunken heads. I have read about them in several books, but I never saw a picture of one. And suddenly, I see real ones! They look way different than what I have imagined. Read: way more horrifying.

On the way out, you can browse through the gift shop, if you have any strength left, and do not forget to sign the guestbook.

A warning… for real!

I am absolutely serious - if you have a weak stomach and cannot survive watching a slasher horror movie, then do not even think about going to the Museum of death in new Orleans. You will have to turn back right after the entrance. Because remember that jar, full of human teeth, that I mentioned?

Well, if you by any chance continue into the first room and will have to turn back, you will only regret paying fifteen dollars for admission. Do not say I did not warn you. I have a pretty strong stomach, but I was glad I did not eat much before visiting the Museum of death. It truly is a stomach - turning experience!

A few words for the end…

Museum of death in New Orleans is definitely the most unique museum I have ever visited. In general, I am not a big fan of museums and art galleries, but this truly was something else. I mean, seeing all the transcripts from serial killer convictions, letters from serial killers in prison, shrunken heads, human organs in formaldehide, and the list goes on and on… I am just glad I did not have nightmares after my visit!

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Creepy Museum

Published by Thomas Johnson — 2 years ago

It`s creepy and cool at the same time!

It`s very interesting museum. One of the best (as for me) museum in USA!

The museum shows all kinds of ways to die. It shows what cruelties people can do to each other.

It is sometimes very crowded and an enormous sensory overload takes place. In a room, one is confronted with the smell of corpses, but most visitors are unlikely to identify the smell as such. Unfortunately forgot to ask how they did it.


It is frightening to look for parents with their young children in this museum. Children really have no business there.


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