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Kingsday in the Netherlands

Koningsdag is the most famous national holiday in The Netherlands. Up until 2013 it was called Koninginnedag or Queen's day after the former queen Beatrix. Every year on 27 April the Dutch celebrate the birth of king Willem-Alexander. The Dutch (especially from the north) absolutely love this holiday. The only color you will see on that day is orange.



King and Queen

The day is characterized by numerous events that take place every year, one of them being a nationwide flea market (vrijmarkt). Koningsdag is the one day of the year that the Dutch government permits sales on the street without a permit and without the payment of value added tax. Children for example sell their cast-off toys or garments. Often buys offer the children more than they ask in the spirit of fun.




Koningsdag sees many large-scale celebrations such as festivals or concerts all over the country. These events usually take place in public spaces, especially in Amsterdam. An outdoor concert is held on Amsterdam's Museumplein where as many as 800, 000 people may gather. The city center is closed to cars, and no trams ride in the heart of the city.




More informally speaking, this day basically exists out of getting drunk and partying all day...



Loveland festival

Twentyseven april happens to be the birthday of my best friend Puck as well! The poor thing has to share her birthday with the king, how unfair can it get? HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!




My other best friend Eva and I having fun :)


Lovers Malte and Talia <3 (yes, another best friend)

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  • Orange Fun 9 months ago

    Let's all go in Orange

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