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Yogurterias of Naples

Published by Taya Moiseenko — one year ago

Blog: O dolce Napoli!
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Is there any alternative for an ice-cream in a hot summer day? No doubts!

Italian gelato is a wonderful choice, but if you would like something more creative, you are welcome to the best yogurterias of Naples!

I would like to say that it’s a dietetic change of an ice-cream, but let’s speak honestly, it’s far from zero percent of fatness and it’s possible to get crazy from the plenty of fillers in the shops!

Yogurterias of Naples

Here we go! To increase both your mood and calories here is the list of the best Neapolitan yogurterias:

Yeah! Vomero – this café is presented by the big self-service table, so you are welcome to set up your creation on your own by choosing the fillers!

Menella – this place was already mentioned once in top-5 of ice-cream bars, that’s why you don’t need to have the doubts about an ice-cream quality here!

Frozen- Yougurt & Gelati Soft – one more place in Chiaia region, luxury zone of Naples. Besides the rich range of yogurts, here is possible to try local pancakes and ice-cream.

Speedy Pita – appetite often wakes up in the nighttime, for those cases Speedy Pita is waiting for you till 1 a.m. every single day. The name of the bar speaks for itself: main product here is pita, and from recent time workers offer yogurts with different tastes. Don’t forget to try one with honey and dried fruits, it’s a signature dish here.

Chiquita Fruit Bar – the freshest yogurteria! There is embarrassment of riches – so many fruits are here! Take any of them and add it into your yogurt. For those who keep the diet some fruit salad decisions or fresh cocktails is the best choice.

Before leaving, here is an advice: take a hold on yourself and don’t try to mix everything in yogurt cup. Yogurt in Naples is like pizza: quality is more important than quantity and few ingredients is enough!

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