Summer in Campania: how Italians spend their time?

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It’s easy to guess, that Italians don’t need to make that much efforts to pass their summer holidays on the seaside. A lot of lucky beggars have summer houses on beautiful coasts and islands. The most visited island in Campania is Ischia, other popular ones are Procida and Capri.

Summer in Campania: how Italians spend their time?

During maximum heat conditions, which usually start here in august, life calms down in big cities and all the habitants move all together closer to sea.

In best traditions, lots of Italian families spend time together. Public beaches are full of tourists, so Italians prefer to have sea transport in their property. Doesn’t matter what is it, small boat or stylish yacht, it depends on preferences and earnings. Most important that it gives an opportunity to sail away from noisy crowd, laze on the sun around the waves, take a bath in a clean sea.

Summer in Campania: how Italians spend their time?

By the way, for such sea pleasurers exist even the marine service: special motor boats are always near to offer you ice-cream, refreshing lemonade or something stronger: Limoncello, Amaro or Aperol Spritz. Which one do you prefer?

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