Neapolitan sweats

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Blog: O dolce Napoli!
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Famous expression “See Naples and die” ironically often continues by native people as “die from diabetes”. In fact, Naples can make boast about its wealth of sweets, widespread and so high-valuated all-around Italy. It’s almost impossible to pass by: shop-windows in Neapolitan streets with sweats of different shapes, colors and fragrances with call you from all sides.

Neapolitan sweats

So, let’s go! Best of the best in my list here:

Sfogliatella – one of the most ancient wonders of sweat Neapolitan gastronomic school. There are two most popular types: Riccia (Curly) and Frolla (made from short pastry). External difference is significant, but condiment is the same. What makes the taste of sfogliatella really delicate is ricotta inside.

Babà – once I have already mentioned about this delicious thing. Basicaly, rum-baba is the common guest in shelves of Russian supermarket, the only difference is that in Naples is would be mixed with run syrop in front of your eyes, this makes the taste so luscious! It’s possible even to meet rum-baba with pistachio cream inside…What do you think about such combination?

Zeppole di San Giuseppe – receipt of these amusing pretzels you can find in one of my previous posts. Zeppole are eaten all year around, by first of all on Father’s Day. It is celebrated in Italy on 19thMarch.

Struffoliis a typical Christmas dessert which have the shape of small balls made from bakery dough and integrated together thank to honey. But be careful, once you touch this cake, all your hands become sticky. After this meal get ready to pass time washing your hands.

Neapolitan sweats

I Fiocchi di Neve (Snow Flakes) – it’s not easy to compete with ancient desserts, but this new type of Neapolitan dish has a great success! These small soft cookies melt in the month and have great range of tastes: creamy, chocolate, strawberry and pistachio.

Agree with me or not, but no way to stop just on one dessert or taste!

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