Neapolitan creatures, great and small

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Blog: O dolce Napoli!
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Basically, nothing so surprising: you go down the street, dust and traffic jams are everywhere, noisy people…and suddenly you see the bid red-headed duck walking near you. To my opinion, this one on photo is quite smart: instead of staying in the park or swimming in the lake and share all the small food charities with other ducks, this one decided to find herself in most chaotic square of Naples, near bakeries, bars and cafeterias. It impossible to remain hungry there!

Neapolitan creatures, great and small

If to think about it, life cares much more for animals in Italy, comparing poor street animals in Russia. Italian lowest temperatures hardly fall below zero, so homeless cats and dogs do not summer so far. However, summer hot weather is not the paradise, so animals have to stay in permanent search of cool shadow.

By the way, cats are so Italian here, that even for them the main dish is pasta! Several times I saw lazy cats on the street, warning up their stomachs on the sun…and the plate with spaghetti in the front!Most surprising is that the majority of Italian cats are very tiny, seems that they don’t eat at all!

Neapolitan creatures, great and small

Another interesting observation: many Italians have a walk with the dog to know new people. Once upon a time I was in Capodimonte park and saw a guy with a puppy. Small dog was very happy and tried to catch every bypasser. Neapolitans are open people, it’s almost impossible to pass by without playing with the dog, knowing its name, age and habits. So the puppy helped the guy to communicate with the nice girl. After making a circle in the park, I saw this guy again, he was speaking already with other two girls. And what do you know about pick-up?

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