Naples, the city full of history

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Blog: O dolce Napoli!
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It doesn’t matter where you turn your head in this city, because every stone, every angle and every step can tell a whole story. Neapolitan history began more than 2800 years ago and starts from 8th century B.C.E., when the Greek colony Cumae founded a city called Parthenope. Modern name “Naples” also has Greek routes and was created from the name Neapolis (which in Greek means “new city”). Name of Campania region takes place from Latin “Campania felix” (word-for-word translation is “fertile village”).

Naples, the city full of history

Naples is not a small southern city how some tourists think before to visit it. This city is the third biggest in Italy after Rome and Milan, its popularity is about 2 million of people, historical center of Naples is the largest in Europe with the square of 1700 hectares and with 27 centuries of rich history. Some years ago, in was even included into UNESCO World Heritage! On the territory of the city you can count 448 ancient historical churches.

Naples, the city full of history

First of all, Naples is famous for abundance of traditional dishes, first of those is pizza without any doubts. For example, famed pizza Margheritareceived such name after visiting of queen Margherita to Naples in 1889. Moreover, this meal is personification of Italian flag: green colour is basilic, white is cheese and red one is tomato colour.

Naples, the city full of history

Despite culinary pleasure, Naples is proud of the strong football club called Napoli. Napoli team has never-ended competition with Juventus, football club of Turin. In case of victory against competitor, city goes crazy: habitants organize fireworks, which are more beautiful even than on Christmas eve; all the roads are full of traffic, because everyone runs to congratulate football team in the airport. So what Italian are really able to do is to support their heroes!

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