Must-visit museums in Naples

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Blog: O dolce Napoli!
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Why to love every first Sunday of the month? Because the doors of all the best Italian museums are opened! Napoli and suburbs in not an exception! Just in case of you have already visited some museums here, I could tell you a small lifehack: often museums open temporary exhibitions which are usually included into free entrance.

Let’s get a bit of culture together! List of museums with possibility to entry for free:

Museo e Certosa di San-Martino – in past times it was a monastery; building is visible from any point of the city.

Palazzo Realeis a luxury royal palace located near Piazza Plebiscito, the most attended central square in Naples.

Must-visit museums in Naples

Nacional Archeological museum – rich Neapolitan history Is presented by the great collection of various epochs. At least let’s remember plenty of showpieces left after disaster in Pompei and other cities berried by Vesuvius.

Castello San-Elmo – besides exploring museum collections inside the castle don’t forget to enjoy wonderful panorama of the city.

Museo Capodimonteis an ex-residence of Bourbons, it is must-visit for those who like art of late Middle ages and Renaissance. The most famous creators: Titiano, Botticelli, Rafael, Caravaggio, Goya.

Must-visit museums in Naples

Villa Pignatelli is a museum-villa in Chiaia, luxury Neapolitan zone. Suggested to visit just in case if you have already pass around all other free places or if your time is restricted.

Gallerie di Palazzo Zevalos is an art gallery with more than 100 unique pictures and sculptures.

Villa Floridiana is situated on the spaces of same-name park. Inside Villa’s building you can find National Ceramics museum.

Naples doesn’t stop on its geographical borders; suburbs are full of arts as well! Main direction is Caserta with its Royal palace, which is one of the biggest museums in Europe; Pompei and Ercolano, cities berried by the ash of Vesuvius.

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