Italy, the country of wine

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During my Erasmus I was so happy to stay in country famous for the best wine in the world. I learned the main rules how to drink wine and to combine it with different dishes.Ready to share this knowledge with you.

Italy, the country of wine

I think everyone knows that red wine is better to combine with meet plates and white one tastes amazing with fish. What else is important to remember before enodegustations:

Red wine + shell fish and oysters is not a good combination.

White wine + meat is not a good combination.

White wines are usually first to serve, then red wines (an exception is the Passito type, made from raisined grape).

Degree of served wines should be served in ascending order.

Cool temperature wines are first to be served, ambient temperature wines are the next.

Italy, the country of wine

Between degustation of two different types of wine it’s important to drink the glass of water; you can also eat the piece of bread to neutralize the taste.

Sparkle wine has its own order to be served: Cremant; Brut Blanc de Blanc; Cuvee; semi-dry or sweet sparkle wine.

 Products which don’t have any influence on taste of wine: white bread, grape, hard cheese without species.

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