Enjoying sunsets in Naples

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Blog: O dolce Napoli!
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Fame of Naples is not restricted by the high level of gastronomic mastery. What native habitants are really proud of are the wonderful views of the city. Lovers of hilly landscapes could especially like it: in Naples you always have to go up and down; houses are situated on mountain slopes; from one zone it’s possible to admire charming panorama on other zones.

Probably everyone who held a camera or smartphone in his arms knows how easy is to register the sunset. You even don’t have to be a professional photographer: sunset is one of the actions, which looks beautiful on any photos.

Enjoying sunsets in Naples

I prepared my list of top places, from which you can enjoy amazing sceneries of Naples and cool sunsets in the evening:

Belvedere Posillipo – it’s a hill with a vast view on Neapolitan bay. This place is loved by many famous artists; moreover almost on every depiction from this angle, authors drew the big pine in Posillipo hill. That’s why this pine became one of the cities’ symbol.

Virgiliano Park – here you even do not need to stop in order to fulfill your eyes with beauty: just go and enjoy the bay and its islands.

Enjoying sunsets in Naples

San Martino – favorite place of teenagers and young couples. So many dates, birthdays and after-parties taking place here! From this big hill you can see beautiful street Spaccanapoli which divides the city into 2 parts. Just order Aperol in a bar nearby and enjoy!

Castel dell’Ovo – for those who walk along sea front in evening time, I recommend to take the sunset photos from here. Castel is located in lungomare di Caracciolo which is famous as a special place. Lots of creative persons find inspiration here; locals and tourists realize how easy is to enjoy small things around; soul fills out with poetic and romantic mood.

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