Education in Naples

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Blog: O dolce Napoli!
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Studying in Naples I remember with a great pleasure: just go up the stairs during the break and the best see view delights the eye; move down the university building and the best cultural assets make you feel happy.

For example, the beauty you see on this picture is the fortress which borders with the building of one of the main universities of Naples.

Education in Naples

Another point of view is if there is such a luxuriance around like sun, coast and sea, it’s extremely difficult to concentrate yourself on serious things. But there is no the way out, education in Italy is known as rather difficult, and the percent of population who was graduated in southern Italy is much lower than in the north. That’s why degreed children is a pride for their parents.

What are other particularities of local studies?

There are only few state universities in Naples and lots of faculties situated in different zones of the city. Many of the don’t count the number of accepted students, that’s why sometimes they seat even on the floor because there are too less places. Speaking about exams, they could last for 2-3 days depending on the number of arrived students. Some of them come to audience without any knowledge and have enough time to become fully prepared! Incredible!
An official time to start the lecture is 10:00? No sense to hurry up! Most probably professor will open the audience approximately at 10:15 and start the lection at half past ten.

In south Italy adaptation of foreign students has started recently, but for the moment it seems a bit chaotic. Most of the lectures promised to be in English language were in reality on Italian language or were not taking place at all. As a result, my preparation for two final exams meant just staying at home with the books. Sounds not bad, but motivation to study was rather low.

Italy has thirty-point grading scale in universities. Your 28-30 points mean that you are a great student. Minimum to pass is 18. Everything lower betokens as “bocciato” or “not passed”.

The most beautiful moment is “Laurea” time (graduation day). This great day I will describe in separate post.

Education in Naples

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