Advices to serve cheese and prosciutto from Italian masters

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Wooden plates. It’s recommended to serve delicacies on the wood, because this material saves the optimal level of humidity and gives additional aroma to snacks.

Ambient temperature.It’s better to take out the cheese from the fridge before to serve it.

Advices to serve cheese and prosciutto from Italian masters

Bread basket. Don’t forget about such important component as bread! Alternatively, you can put some pieces of bread on the plate with cheese and meat, avoiding their touching.

Diversification. There have to be at least 5 various categories of cheese and meats. If the cold cut consists only of cheeses, it’s recommended to divide them by milk type and hardness: hard-pressed, soft, blue cheese. Suited to every fancy!

Proportions. Meat should be cut on slim pieces, cheese can be cut thicker.

Combinations.Here you can easily use your fantasy, there are plenty of options. You can include into cold cut something crispy (almond, walnuts, pistachio, hazelnuts), sweet (jam, honey, dried or fresh fruits), neutral (penny busters or crackers). Every sauce, jam or honey has to be served in separate small glass cup.

Advices to serve cheese and prosciutto from Italian masters

What to drink? Some wine lifehacks for cheese types:

  • Fresh soft cheese (mozzarella, ricotta) – light white wine/ Prosecco;
  • Semi-aged cheese (fontino, cacciocavallo) – white or light red wine;
  • Aged cheese (parmegiano, pecorino) – for aged cheese – aged wine;
  • Blue cheese – sweet, liquor wine.

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