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Erasmus Experience in Nantes, France by Danish

Published by Danish Souran — 2 years ago

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Why did you choose to go to Nantes, France?

Nantes is an important 6th French city in term of number of inhabitants students city. Nantes is a several thousand years old city. Nantes is known as a hub city for innovation across multiple sectors of the economy. In 2013 it held the title "European Green Capital" and In 2004, Time Magazine named Nantes ‘the most liveable city in Europe’. Nantes, a city on the Loire River in the Upper Brittany region of western France, has a long history as a port and industrial center and Educational hub specially for International Students. We give it five stars both for the renovation itself and for the interactive displays. We learn about the redoubtable Anne of Brittany, a woman of power five centuries ago, and shudder at the horrors of the navires négriers, the slave ships. In the 1700s, Nantes was France's largest port, built on trading sugar, rum – and slaves. That grim chapter will be remembered this autumn when a memorial to the abolition of slavery opens. Vessels also brought back specimens for the Jardin des Plantes botanic gardens, whose star attractions include a 200-year-old magnolia.


The currency of France is the Euro (EUR). Banking is on a par with the rest of Western Europe and North America. Credit cards are widely accepted.

The standard of healthcare in France is good.

The weather in Nantes is sunnier than in Paris!

Nantes is easily accessible, with a good public transport system (bus, trams and “bicloos” (self-service bikes), for instance, one of the many other reasons why i chose to go to Nantes.

Nantes as Students Friendly city, it is a much cheaper city than Paris.

The University of Nantes has never stopped moving forward. In the last 50 years, the University of Nantes has taken training and research to the highest level. Facing a rapidly changing world, the University of Nantes invents a new model of university.

Learn or improve your French skills by attending French classes at the Institute for French as a foreign language (I-FLE) at the University of Nantes, in order to pass the French Language Certificate. It is highly valued in terms of international mobility and is an asset to your employability.

Residency permit, accommodation, transport, health, administrative formalities, student life in Nantes... You can get all the information you need for your stay in Nantes at the Guichet Unique {Single Window Facility}.

French Education System makes your CV heavy and creates a highlight in your resume.

Your grip tightens on International Language, by Overseas education. You might be surprised at how much you remember.

It is possible to meet people from diverse way. When you meet different kinds of people, but then they do not only help you improve your skills. Research is a major growth sector for the University of Nantes. During the Overseas Education you love each student, but some are who fulfill friendship with you lifetime.

While you study and get a chance to learn in different ways, freely you have experience, but you yourself have to deal with every situation. You will likely rely on others less and you will take more responsibity for youself.

How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs?

France has become one of the most popular study destinations for international students. Fortunately, there are a number of French scholarships for international students that are being offered.


Unfortunately, the University does not offer any. According to your country of residence and your particular situation, different possibilities of financing your studies in France may be available: government grants, funding granted by international organizations and NGOs, private fellowships...

For information regarding grants and scholarships, I recommend you contact the French embassy in your country, your local CampusFrance agency, or "CampusBourse", the CampusFrance grant search engine: see the CampusFrance website for more information.

French Government/EU Scholarships for International Students:

66 Scholarships and Grants to study at University of Nantes

Each year there are thousands of student scholarships and other financial aid opportunities available all over the world. A great variety of those scholarships and student loans in France are international scholarships awarded especially to international students coming from places across the world, such as Australia, Asia, Europe, or the US. Many of those international scholarships are not degree program specific. There are, however, specific undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD scholarships for international students, amongst others.

  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarships
  • Ile-de-France Masters Scholarships
  • And other is :

  • École Normale Supérieure International Selection
  • Mathematics Scholarships for International Students in France, 2017-2018

It is depend on you. however the University gives you subsidy on food and accomodation rent.

What is the student lifestyle like in Nantes?

Nantes is the gateway to the central Loire Valley, one of the nation's jewels, with its lush vineyards. You can visit various civilisations and lifestyles from here.

In Nantes, students usually gather on Thursday nights to party but they also meet during the week-end.


Sports, careers, advice:

The Office of Student Life supports student initiatives and livens up campuses. Located in the "Pôle étudiant" right in the heart of the Tertre Campus, you will also find an information kiosk on each campus, where a student will inform you on the following services:

  • University-based services ( sports, careers advice, health etc. )

  • local services and authorities (swimming pools, libraries, grants)

  • CROUS (housing, grants, culture)

  • cultural events in the city

  • student associations (more than 100 associations)..

Arriving and starting As a student program in a new city and country is quite an adventure!

Organized in September and February, these friendly meetings take place in order for you to meet other students, French and foreign, at the beginning of your year abroad and students got mini world. Furthemore, students are offered a world-class education, as well as research and receive enough employment opportunities.

Money and Banks

Opening hours

Banks are normally open Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 16:00 (17:00 at some branches). Some banks are open on Saturday mornings or all day Saturday, in which case they are closed on Monday.

With any valid credit card, you can withdraw cash from any automated teller machine (ATM) at any bank, savings bank or post office. (Not necessarily the bank where you have your account). ATMs are open 24 hours a day and take several types of credit card (Visa, Eurocard, etc. ).

Opening a bank account

You need to open a bank account in France in order to be reimbursed for your sécurité sociale. The University will give you instructions on how to go about this once you are at the school.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Nantes to other students?

Surely I`ll inspire other students to study in the University of Nantes. certainly it is an ideal place for students. My university wants to see that students have blossoming enthusiasm for obtaining an education. It is a strength for students to know what they want and show an active interest in working toward it.

The University of Nantes is known for its wide range of undergraduate and graduate academic programs in science, health, technology, humanities, foreign languages, economics and much more.

More than 3, 400 foreign students, from all over the world, come to study at the University of Nantes each year.

Located about 50 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and in the sixth largest city in France,

On a foreign language exchange even tiny things become big achievements. One day, you get exactly what you ordered in a café and feel a small victory. The next, you’re glowing when you manage to answer a question. and your tutor gives you a look acknowledging that you’re contributing more to the classroom.


International students arriving at the school are all allocated a mentor to help them integrate into the life of the school. Mentors are student volunteers, many of whom who have already spent a semester abroad and fully understand the challenges international students are facing. Mentors are a point of contact before the arrival of the student and can, depending on their availability, meet students when they arrive in Nantes. They continue to be a helping hand to international students throughout the semester.

ESN Nantes (Erasmus Student Network):

There are many other associations for students. Joining is an excellent way to improve your knowledge of the French language and make friends!

Practically my University is a role model for students.

What is the food like?

French people are taught to appreciate fine foods from a young age and take great pride in their nation's culinary reputation.

The French eat three times a day with no snacking between meals. Breakfast is the lightest meal, usually consisting of just bread and coffee, and is followed by a large, leisurely lunch and dinner.

  • Student cafeterias in France are run by the Centres Régionaux des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS). The CROUS sells subsidized meal vouchers (tickets restaurants) to students for €3. 25 each. University restaurants located near each campus propose a balanced meal (RU). There are other CROUS cafeterias in Nantes, ask the CROUS for a list.
  • Sandwiches, pizza, salads, meals... can be enjoyed at a Brasserie 50 meters from the school for between €7 and €10.
  • It is also possible to get a kebab for €5.

Cost of living (some prices recorded in Nantes):

  • A coffee in the city: €1. 50
  • A soft drink in a café: €2. 50
  • A meal in a restaurant: €10 to 20
  • A French newspaper: €0. 95
  • A baguette (French bread): €1, 10
  • A cinema ticket: €7. 50 € to €10. 50

However there are mostly European food. But everybody can adjust easily.

Did it cost you to find your accommodation in Nantes?

Nothing cost to find accommodation in Nantes. it could be find easily by or many other mode are:


You are a future international student of the University of Nantes, use the school’s housing platform on which you will be able to:

  • Find a rental close to the campus,
  • Find your international or French roommate(s) and form shared rentals,
  • Find a subletting,
  • Find a room in a French family (ideal for the experience).


How much does it cost to live in Nantes?

I lives in Nantes for few months during my studies I found Nantes is an agreeable city to live, close to the ocean with a large community of students. Accomodation rent could be around 250 Euro TO 300 Euro per month. The University restaurant, It's worth the 3 Euros per meal. Possibly it's great.

Hopefully this information will be useful for those who are looking to move to France and want to compare the costs. I do not live in Paris, where the cost of living is especially high, but I do live near the great Historical Atlantic ocean {Approx. 50 KM Away} in one of the cheapest areas of France.

Is the language easy to get to grips with? Are there language courses available at the University?

It is easy to get to grips with other. Most of the people speak and understand English languages. Yes many courses are there available in English.

What's the easiest or most economical way to travel to Nantes from your city?

Bicycle is the easiest economical way to travel. Bla Bla car, Train and buses also another economical Resources to Travel and Logitravelis easy and cheap to all over Europe at student price. Buy the 72-hour Pass Nantes (€34/£30) for unlimited public transport and entry to 30 attractions.

Taxis from the airport cost €30. Take the TAN Air Shuttle bus to the Place du Commerce (20 minutes, €7).

The city's Bicloo bike rental system is not visitor-friendly. Instead, rent from Détours de Loire (€9 for a half day}.

Where would you recommend to go on a night out in Nantes?

You can go out at night. It is very quiet and simple City. After sunset, the town turns into one big party. On place du Bouffay, place du Pilori, and the pedestrian streets in between, you’ll find lots of cafes and pubs, with live music and fun people.

And for eating? Can you recommend some good restaurants in Nantes?

There are many restaurants for eating. And of course students can also have meals together. Take the Navibus ferry across the Loire to the village of Trentemoult; lunch at the Guinguette bistro.

The best restaurants are:

  • Baron Lefèvre: In a former fruit and veg warehouse, Jean-Charles Baron runs a trendy restaurant with a deli on the side (33 rue de Rieux; 240892 020; closed Sunday and Monday).
  • Le Square: Cheerful restaurant with contemporary dishes based on fresh local produce and seafood. The three-course lunch menu for €19. 40 is great value (14 rue Jemmapes; 240 359809; closed Sunday).
  • Le Un : A modern one

What good cultural sites are there to visit?

Nantes is also known for its art de vivre, and is home to one of France's top symphony orchestra. There are many sites for visite in Nantes which some are below.

  1. Jumbo jaunt: Ride the mechanical elephant Euro 7. what would you say if I offered you the chance to ride on the back of a 12 metre high mechanical elephant? You wouldn’t believe me? And yet… Only the city where Jules Verne, popular French sci-fi writer, was born can boast such a ride. On his back for a 45 minute walk or on the ground to stare at him, the Elephant is quite a show.
  2. Easy riding
  3. King of the castles
  4. Feast for the eyes
  5. Get up to speed
  6. Fly the flea


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