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Experience in Namur, Belgium by Marjorie

What’s it like to live in Namur? Would you recommend it?

Really nice. It’s both a student and a family city.

What’s the student atmosphere like in Namur?

In Namur, we study for three years (the degree, or the ‘Bac’ (as they say in Belgium)) and the students are quite young. The student nights are great and lively, and there are diverse activities for students too.

Experience in Namur, Belgium by Marjorie


What is the cost of living in Namur?

It’s normal, not too expensive but not too cheap.

A sandwich costs 3 euros, a beer 1. 70 euros (except on student nights when they’re 1 euro).

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Namur? Do you have any advice to give?

Look on kotanamur or simply search the internet. The best thing to do is to come at the beginning or the end of the year and look at the posters on the walls of apartments to rent.

What’s the food like in the city> What are your favourite dishes?

There’s a bit of everything. Especially chips and dürüm. Personally, I like everything.

Quels endroits recommandes-tu de voir à Namur?

The citadel and the old part of Namur (bordered by the Sambre and Meuse rivers, it’s very pretty).

Experience in Namur, Belgium by Marjorie


Where would you recommend to go out in Namur?

If you’re a student, you’ve got to go to the student nights. If not, I admit that there’s not a lot in terms of interesting clubs/cafés in Namur.

Do you want to give any other advice to future students in Namur?

Do not walk through the park in the town centre alone at night. To arrive in September to participate in the festival in Wallonia (Southern Belgium). Otherwise, I think Namur is nicer in spring, summer and autumn, but it’s a struggle in winter!

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