Experience in Msida, Malta by Lauriane | Erasmus experience Msida

Experience in Msida, Malta by Lauriane

What was the city like to live in? Would you recommend it? What is the city like in general?

I didn't live in Msida, but at Ta X'biex, very close by, but in Malta everything is close. Msida es one of the areas best served by the buses and is in a great location. (Between the capital, Valette, where many people work and Paceville which is great for nights out).

I do recommend living in this city, the prices of apartments are relatively affordable, especially if you share a flat.


What is the student life like in Msida?

To go out, everyone goes to Paceville, no matter where you live, it is very easy to get there.

What is the cost of living like in Msida?

Fairly affordable, even if the food is a little expensive.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Msida? Do you have any advice to give?

It is quite easy to find accommodation in Msida. To find a place to stay in Malta I would use Facebook groups, Erasmus Malta and 'Français à Malte' where there are a lot of available rooms.

What is the food like in Msida? What are your favourite dishes?

The food is a little different from in France, however, it is possible to find some French products. Some 'pastizzerias' are open all over Malta where you can buy food which isn't too expensive (many different kinds of hot pastries).


What places would you recommend seeing in Msida?

In Msida there isn't a lot to visit except the church at the end of the port, but there is a lot to visit in Malta in general (beaches, Mdina, monuments and the Maltese Islands).

What places would you recommend for going out in Msida?

For going out everyone goes to Paceville. If not, in the centre of the island there is Marrakech, Numero Uno and Gienpula which aren't bad. And for Sunday afternoons there are pool parties at Aria (Olympia Club) and Roof top.


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