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Erasmus Mostar 2018 / 2019

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Hi everybody, my name is Sufyan. I am student from Granada (Spain) and I am looking for some student appartment to rent with other room-mates. I will stay 5 months in Mostar. I hope to find some help in this page. 

Hola a todos, me llamo Sufyan. Soy estudiante de la universidad de Granada, estoy buscando alquiler en Mostar. Me quedaré 5 meses. Espero recibir consejo en esta página. 

Hi Sufan! i'm in your condition too! take a look at this page and let me know !


Hi guys ! I am in Mostar all year when do you arrive here?

I am from Almería,spain 

You can add me and we can told about Mostar! 

Hi JJ ;) i'll arrive in february 2019 and i'll remain until july.. i'm searching for a room and a room mate.. are you in mostar yet? are you in erasmus? if you have any contacts about student rooms or are you searching for a guy to live with we can keep in touch ! :)

Yes, I am in Mostar now and I am erasmus too

hi! any recommendation to look for accommodation un Mostar?


I can recommend you the student city hotel in mostar. You should search on google "student city mostar iznjamivanje". On olx.ba you also can find some flats


Showing 1-7 of 7 entries


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