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The Town of Fez

Fezis a Moroccan town, situated in the centre of the country, around 120km from the town I was born in Taza and 200km east of the capital city Rabat between the Rif and Middle Atlas mountain ranges. The city, founded in the 7th century by the sultan Idriss 1, is the oldest in Morocco and considered to be the historical and scientific capital of the country. Within the city, there is one of the oldest universities in the world, called University A1 Karaouiyne. It's a preferred destination amongst those who are interested in the history of Morocco, and ancient civilisations due to the variety of historic monuments.


Life in Fez :

Life tends to be quite stressful in this city, the citizens are a mix, coming from all over the country for work or study. However, the traditional Moroccan culture prevails, above all in the historic quarter. During winter, people generally go to Ifrane - a small town 60km away, its well known for snow during the winter, moderate temperatures during the summer, but mostly the luxury. I have to tell you, Fez is one of the least secure cities in Morocco, due to its size and the number of inhabitants.


Transport :

To get to Fez you will have to take either the train, or a long taxi journey, from Rabat or Casablanca which will cost more or less 8 euro. Once in Fez, you can use buses or taxis to navigate the city centre or the historic quarter if you want to see the traditional aspects and monuments.

Where to stay :

The price of hotels can vary between 15 and 50 euros per person, per night. You will also find that people will rent their houses and apartments where the price is somewhat lower at 25 euros per night. The price change is in relation to the distance from the city centre. There are also luxury options available, where the price above 200 euros per person, per night.

Fez, a city rich in history :

The reason for which tourists the world over come to visit Fez is the wonders held within the historic quarter. Many of the ancient civilisations which ruled Morocco chose Fez as their capital. Nowadays, whilst Fez is no longer the capital, it remains a strong part of the history of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The following photo show some historic monuments which are the remnants of ancient Moroccan civilisations:


The photo below shows Boujloud, an ancient tool used to dry the skins of different animals cows, rams, and sheep, which were used to make high quality clothing - Morocco is a strong exporter of leather due to these historic locations.




The Souk is an Arab market place, those in the historic quarter of Fez are like no others, where you can buy 100% Moroccan souvenirs (clothing, jewellery, pots).


This photo shows the famous Al Karaouiyne University, which takes the form of a Mosque.


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