Experience in Minsk, Belarus by Anna.

How did it feel living in the city of Minsk? Do you recommend it? How's the city?

I like Minsk and the people, they are so nice!

There are a lot of really interesting and extraordinary people, passionate about the arts. If you like this artistic atmosphere, you will love Minsk!

Experience in Minsk, Belarus by Anna.


How's the student atmosphere in Minsk?

In general, Belorussian students are very friendly and open to foreigners. They will introduce you to Belorussian culture and cuisine and invite you for nights out.

What's the cost of living in Minsk?

About 400 euros a month, maybe even less.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Minsk? Do you have any advice to give?

It's better to look for an apartment for rent through a real estate agency but you can also stay in a university residence, it costs much less than an apartment.

I don't recommend renting the room of an apartment where there's a owner because usually, these owners are elderly people who don't get along with young people.

Which places do you recommend to see in Minsk?

Especially the theatres, there's still a beautiful castle 30 km from Minsk in the villages of Nyasvizh and Mir.

Experience in Minsk, Belarus by Anna.

Mir Castle (Source)

What places do you recommend to go out in Minsk?

Doodah King, Граффити (Graffiti), Бостон (Boston).

Experience in Minsk, Belarus by Anna.

Doodah King (Source)

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