180 € / month (bills included)

cosy rooms in Studentendorf with common kitchen and bathroom on the floor, international atmosphere and lots of fun


small cosy rooms with a sink and a big closet located next to the door of the room, the other side there is a huge table perfectly illuminated by the day light coming through a big window that allows a wonderful view to the Marburg castle and surroundings. On the right side of the room there is a comfortable bed located and the opposite side you will find a coffee table and two chairs or sometimes a chair and an armchair. Otside the room there are two bathrooms usually, one for girls and the other for boys, shared by 10 people. At the end of the floor you will find the kitchen, which serves to the use of the whole floor, about 20 people. It is perfectly equipied with all the things you might need if you want to cook something, more than 6 cooker stoves, a toaster, a micorwave oven and so much more. Here you can enjoy the company of the other students playing social games or cooking together. Party is usually not allowed in the kitchen, but if you have good relationships with your co-livers, you might throw one now and then. The international atmosphere that is embadied in every single corner of the dorm is so pleasent. However, if you are eager to improve your German, you will find also German students living in the dorm. Sadly enough, the former student cafe Schwarz-Weiss has been removed, so that new dorms are build. However, there is a stable bus connection. With  bus nr. 7 you may arrive to Rudolphsplatz, where the whole life of Marburg is concentrated. They circulate every 15 minutes during the day and every half an hour during the evening and night (at night usually only on sunday and sutardy till 12 pm).

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