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The colonial city

Well today i want to talk about a very special city which is called Granada

Well Granada is a beautiful colonial city


1) How do you get there from Managua international airport (only airport in Nicaragua)

2) Prices 

3) Culture and customs

4) Pubs or parties

Well if you are planning visiting Nicaragua you can not definitely dismiss Granada

Well first if you are landing in Managua international airport (only airport in Nicaragua)

First of all you have to take a cab from Managua international airport to Terminal de buses de La UCA (interlocales) (UCA shuttle station) the taxy driver will charge you around 220 cordobas (7 dollars) for 4 people or around 150 cordobas if you are travelling alone (5 dollars) remember in Nicaragua you have to deal the price with the taxy driver if you are traveling alone so I would recommend to go with your family, partner or your friends

Once you have arrived to Terminal de buses de la UCA  (interlocales) you have to look for your right shuttle once you have found it you can relax inside the shuttle you do not have to pay ticket the Shuttle driver will charge you. You just have to relax. The ticket is around 90 cordobas per person (3 dollars) the trip to Granada from Managua is 3 hours long so be patient (it is worthy the travel)

Once you have arrived in Granada the first thing you have to do is to look for your accommodation (You should book before your trip) I would recommend to stay in a hostel which is just 24 dollars per day per 2 people but if you prefer to stay in a hotel you can get prices from 60 to 500 dollars so that is why i recommend the cheapest option which is a hostel

Once you have found your accommodation you can start knowing the city you can take a city tour with Los carruajes (the carriages) they will charge you around 15 dollars per trip basically 2 people and they will show you the city and you will also know about the history of the city so you will enjoy travelling around this beautiful city and his attractives

there is a great option in granada which is Las Isletas de Granada (Granada's islets) in this case you can take a boat which is 100 cordobas per person (3.20 dollars) and in this trip you are able to know the culture and the wonders of the islets or you have another option they charge you 25 dollars per group so you can pay that for one group

The trip is like this you will travel in the boat but at the same time the guide will be explaining about the history of the Granada islets after that you will stop in one and in this one there are monkeys so you can feed them after that you will be take back to the shore and going back to the city 

(*Note i will recommend to take at least one liter of water per person, light clothes and sunscreen)

After knowing Granada's islets you must be starving so it is time to enjoy the traditional seafood in this amazing place you can get one plate of seafood for around 10 dollars or you can go to the main street and look for one plate of food the same price around 10 dollars

after that you can go to your hostel or hotel relax for a while and get ready for the night

If you want to take some beers i would recommend you to visit Weekend discoteque in that place you can enjoy the time with many but let me say many local and international people and have 10 beer for 10 dollars so it is a great deal (by the way the admission fee is 5 dollars per person but it is worthy)

After having drunk many beers and feel a bit drunk it is time to go back to your hotel or hostel room. I would recommend you to take a cab which is 40 cordobas per person after 10 pm and 20 per person before 10 pm) 

After having had a great time so you should relax and wait for the next day

On next day I would recommend you to go and try Vigoron in the central park which is the typical food in this area you can go to the central park and seat down in one of the kiosks and enjoy your food

after that I would recommend you to take a trip to Mombacho Volcano (i will talk about this destination in my next blog)

So if you are planning visiting Nicaragua do not think it too much just come and enjoy this gorgeous country

We are waiting for you


Granada, Nicaragua


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