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Jiquilillo one unforgettable city

Published by flag-ni Omar Martinez — 4 years ago

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Hello eveybody

Well today I will talk about an special place it is a lovely city called Chinandega

But Chinandega is a such big city so today we are going to focus in one place which is called Jiquilillo

Well this is an amazing place

Briefing about Jiquillo

Well Jiquilillo is a beach located in Chinandega it is easy to get there


  1. How do you get there from Managua’s international airport (only airport in Nicaragua)

  2. Prices

  3. Partis

Well if you are planning to visit Nicaragua you can not dismiss this amazing place which is called Jiquilillo

First how to get there: if you are landing in Managua’s international airport (only airport in Nicaragua) or you are currently in Managua first you have to take a cab to Mercado Israel Lewites (Israel Lewites Market) the taxy driver will charge you around 5 dollars if you are travelling alone and 8 dollars for a group up to 4 people so after having taken a cab you will get to this market and you should tell the cab driver to leave you in the buses heading to Chinandega  (I would recommend shuttle because they are  faster than buses and almost the same price no big different in prices) well the trip is around 2.30 hours if you are travelling in a shuttle and 3.15 hours if you are travelling in a bus the prices of the shuttles are 90 cordobas (around 3 dollars) and the price of the bus is 75 cordobas (around 2.5 dollars) once you found the right bus or shuttle you do not have to worry just take a seat the driver is in charge of collecting the money

Once you got to Chinandega you have to look for the buses heading to Jiquilillo so the shuttle will leave you in the bus station which is in a market called (El business) from that place you must take a cab to the next bus station which is called (el mercadito) in that place (it does not look like a bus station but it is) you have to look for the right bus. The cabs in Chinandega have a fixed price which is 15 cordobas per person or (around 50 cents dollars) soy once you found your right bus you just have to seat and wait patiently for the bus to go away (Becareful many people in this place try to steal the foreigner’s stuffs so do not trust anybody and keep you valuables safe at all time by the way the trip takes around 1.30 hours to get to Jiquilillo so be patient

Once you arrived in Jiquilillo you must look for your accommodation my advice is to booked before going otherwise you have the risk to not find any available or to find something really bad

Once you are established in your accomodation it is time to enjoy and to go for some beers so the first place i would recommend to visit is one which is in front of the shore i do not remember the name of it but this is the bigger place so you will not get lost in that place you can get a beer for 1.40 dollars and have a great party (I went there on eastern) so the party was absolutely great

The price of the accommodation is around 20 dollars per person per night

So after party i would recommend you to go back to your accommodation (especially if you are drunk) in this place you will not find anything after the party

On the next day i would recommend you to go to one local restaurant and drink one seafood soup which is around 10 dollars per service

You can also take a shower on the shores of the beach it is really amazing. (One personnal advice take a lot of sunscreen and water with you) so after that i would recommend you to go and have a look at the small city. (which will take around 1 hour is so small)

So my advice is to go to this place and enjoy as much as possible this paradise

We are waiting for you


Jiquilillo, Nicaragua

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