Malaga is only for Summer Holidays and Tourists | Erasmus experience Malaga
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Malaga is only for Summer Holidays and Tourists

Well, from the times that I have been to Malaga, it always seemed like somewhere foreign as there's nothing in the city representative of Spain. It's a place that has been exploited to the max by tourism. I don't think that it would be a good place to go during the low season when the beach isn't in use because in Winter there's nothing to do and there's no culture.

The prices in Malaga are set by the tourists, very expensive and excessive. The transport is insufficient and very unprofessional. The weather, yes, it is good, but it is a shame that it lacks the typical Andalusian culture that it may once have had in its time which would make it a city would make it a city worth visiting all year round, and not only in Summer.

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